I'm a Verifier

Do you need to obtain documentation for proof of employment or income? Are you doing employment screening for a prospective hire? Do you need to check a candidate’s eligibility for HUD subsidized property or housing? Do you need proof of income for a loan application?

I'm an Employer

Are you short on time? Outsourcing employment and wage verifications will give you time back in your day. WAGEverify is a fully outsourced, compliant solution to handle requests regarding your current and past employees from banks, background check agencies, landlords, social services agencies, and other government entities.

I'm an Employee

Does your employer use WAGEverify?
Do you need to access your wage and employment records?


Verification Solutions

WAGEverify, a HIREtech solution, is a secure income and employment verification platform designed to provide instant access to key employment and income data for employees and verifiers.

Verification Solutions For Busy HR Departments

WAGEverify allows verifiers to seamlessly access verification information while reducing the burden on HR departments. Not only does WAGEverify assist HR professionals in automating the verification process, it gives employees the power to approve verification inquiries, and monitor the status of their verification requests right from their phone or computer.

Why Top Companies
Choose WAGEverify

  • Customizable Reporting

    All companies have their own method and taxonomy for capturing and storing employee data. WAGEverify can be customized to mirror your company’s internal report structure to include pay types, job titles, and wage classifications. Employment reports provide verifiers with a detailed picture of an employee’s wage and employment history.

  • Loved By Employees

    Employment and wage verification requests are often triggered by an employee’s life event, such as buying a home, opening a credit card, applying for government assistance, or leasing an apartment. These requests need to be handled quickly, securely, and accurately. WAGEverify’s automated verification platform is timely and streamlined. Employees have visibility into the entire verification process, ensuring data transparency and accessibility.

  • Secure Employee Data

    Keeping employee data secure is the top priority. WAGEverify utilizes high-grade SSL encryption in transit and 256-bit AES encryption at rest. Also, multiple firewalls within the platform, as well as powerful IDS and IPS systems keep employee data safe. WAGEverify does not resell employee data.
  • Easy To Implement

    Companies transition to WAGEverify from other vendors with ease. WAGEverify is compatible with multiple data formats, making implementing WAGEverify easy for your company. If you are currently doing manual in-house employment and wage verification, you will have access to dedicated WAGEverify resources that will reduce the burden on your team.

  • Continued Support

    WAGEverify customer support is available online 24 hours a day. WAGEverify's US based client relations team is also available during business hours to assist with set up and troubleshooting.

  • Unexpected Time Savings

    WAGEverify saves HR departments time and money. As a completely outsourced solution, all steps of compliance and fulfillment are handled through the WAGEverify platform, ensuring that risk is mitigated, and that HR professionals can focus on their jobs. All verifiers are “verified” and their permissible purpose is confirmed – a sometimes lengthy process that must be completed before providing any data to a verifier. With WAGEverify, all these important processes are handled without need for HR involvement, freeing up time and resources.

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Trusted By Over 12,000 Companies

Trusted By Over 12,000 Companies


On The Go, Just Like You

Life events requiring employment and wage verification can take place anywhere, anytime. WAGEverify is mobile enabled and accessible from all devices 24/7/365. Employees have unlimited access and visibility into their employment information on WAGEverify, wherever they are in the world.